Chemical Doses
Chemical Doses

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2C-I / 25C-NBOMe / BK-2C-B / AL-LAD

Research Chemicals have become a very popular path for psychonauts willing to explore a realm that is somewhat new, and therefore more dangerous. Our refined binaural simulations contain four recreations of very popular research chemicals, all designed towards recreation without immense chemical danger and long-term unknowns. This pack contains simulated experiences based on the popular research chemicals: 2C-I, 25C-NBOMe, BK-2C-B, AL-LAD. Together, these form a collection of truly powerful doses perfect for cutting edge binaural experimenters. Chemical binaural simulation for something truly different.

Please note that all doses are downloaded in MP3 format. A dose may contain varying degrees of music, binaural induction tones, white noise carrier sounds, and other forms of powerful audio sequencing. You may hear sounds like tonal frequencies, white static carrier noise, and other forms of audio induction. There is nothing wrong with your headphones or equipment. These are intended and required.

NOTE: Samples are 10 second previews only and are not effective. Purchase the collection for true results.

2C-I Sample

25C-NBOMe Sample

BK-2C-B Sample

AL-LAD Sample

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