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Shamanic Pineal Healing
Shamanic Pineal Healing

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WARNING: This is a SINGLE DOSE that is about 2 hours of play time. This is a SINGLE DOSE DOWNLOAD of nearly 100 MB. Please be on GOOD WIFI and have enough DRIVE SPACE free to support the download size.

This iDoser Shamanic Drum Journey is powerful pineal gland healing music designed with years of research and professional expertise. This is a complex program of binaural beats, chakra balancing music, and full body restoration healing frequencies. It may be one of THE MOST powerful pineal gland shamanic healing sessions available ANYWHERE! Witness the true power of shamanic healing frequencies with this amazing session 2 HOUR FULL PROFESSIONAL session.

NOTE: Samples are 10 second previews only and are not effective. Purchase the dose for true results.

Shamanic Pineal Healing Sample

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