Solfeggio Tones
Solfeggio Tones

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WARNING: This is a SINGLE DOSE that is about 6 hours of play time. This is a SINGLE DOSE DOWNLOAD of nearly 300 MB. Please be on GOOD WIFI and have enough DRIVE SPACE free to support the download size.

This is the only pure-tone certified 6 hour Gregorian Solfeggio Frequency sequence. This ancient soundscape is composed of the worlds most powerful binaural reproductions of all 6 notes in the Solfeggio Scale. Each note takes one full hour in the session, and has been painstakingly created using machine learning, AI, and advanced audio production methods to guarantee the most accurate reproduction of all six Solfeggio Frequencies. Expertly mixed is live recordings of Gregorian chants, based on the original medieval hymn where the Solfeggio Tones originated. Sit back, relax, and witness the most scientific reproduction of the Solfeggio Scale ever produced. HOUR 1 is 396 HZ for liberating guilt and fear HOUR 2 is 417 HZ for undoing situations and facilitating change HOUR 3 is 528 HZ for transformation and miracles HOUR 4 is 639 HZ for connecting and relationships HOUR 5 is 741 HZ for awakening intuition HOUR 6 is 852 HZ for returning to spiritual order

Please note that all doses are downloaded in MP3 format. A dose may contain varying degrees of music, binaural induction tones, white noise carrier sounds, and other forms of powerful audio sequencing. You may hear sounds like tonal frequencies, white static carrier noise, and other forms of audio induction. There is nothing wrong with your headphones or equipment. These are intended and required.

NOTE: Samples are 10 second previews only and are not effective. Purchase the dose for true results.

Solfeggio Gregorian Sample

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