Marijuana CBD
Marijuana CBD

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WARNING: This is a SINGLE DOSE that is nearly 1 hour of play time. This is a SINGLE DOSE DOWNLOAD of about 60 MB. Please be on GOOD WIFI and have enough DRIVE SPACE free to support the download size.

A beautiful blend of white noise carrier, music and artisan brainwave tones. All the effects of CBD, without the smoke! The main active chemical in marijuana is THC delta 9 tetrahydrocannabinol. Cannabidiol is one of the most extraordinary amalgams in the world. Cannabis plants produce hundreds of compounds with 60 of them specific to cannabis. Scientists call these compounds cannabinoids, and they can have a positive influence on your mindfulness meditation routine. That is EXACTLY what we tried to emulate with this dose, to GREAT effect: mood lift, philosophical or deep thinking, pleasant body feel, that only CBD could bring.

Please note that all doses are downloaded in MP3 format. A dose may contain varying degrees of music, binaural induction tones, white noise carrier sounds, and other forms of powerful audio sequencing. You may hear sounds like tonal frequencies, white static carrier noise, and other forms of audio induction. There is nothing wrong with your headphones or equipment. These are intended and required.

NOTE: Samples are 10 second previews only and are not effective. Purchase the dose for true results.

Marijuana CBD Sample

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