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Aura Purification
Aura Purification

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WARNING: This is a SINGLE DOSE that is over 8 hours of play time. This is a SINGLE DOSE DOWNLOAD of nearly 400 MB. Please be on GOOD WIFI and have enough DRIVE SPACE free to support the download size.

The iDoser Aura Purification session is an all-night cleansing sequence designed with the worlds most powerful binaural induction tones. Our auras interact constantly with the energy of others. It's not uncommon for us to take on some of the negative vibrations of others. Listen to the iDoser Aura Purification session for the entire night. Start playing just as your go to bed. Get a good 8 hours of sleep under the gentle waves of binaural power induction, and wake up feeling powerfully energized, renewed, and refreshed. Stabilize your universal energy with the worlds most powerful mind audio and see what amazing benefits professional binaural brainwave audio can have. Doing an aura cleansing will you feel more vibrant, clearer, happier, and more balanced. Be sure to pay it forward and enter your results in the comment section. Have an amazing evening of clarification... Good night.

NOTE: Samples are 10 second previews only and are not effective. Purchase the dose for true results.

Aura Purification Sample

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