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Binge Pack MP3
Binge Pack MP3

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Hands down, I-Doser is the leader in recreational dose simulations. No matter the array of dose collections we produce, the media seems to love the concept of simulating a recreational experience. Binaural brainwaves are certainly safer than actual drug use, and we are all for the innocuous meditation, yogi, and other practices like binaural dosing over any kind of chemical, drug or otherwise experimentation. We do get requests for these kinds of experiences, being we invented the concept, and consider this fulfilled: full on series of subsequent doses that may simulate feeling you get as you travel through the varying stages of a dose binge. Containing truly extreme doses like Hypocretin, Ethylene, Cocaethylene and the popular comedown Crash dose, we give you the safer alternative to a dangerous binge.

NOTE: Samples are 10 second previews only and are not effective. Purchase the collection for true results.

Hypocretin Sample

Ethylene Sample

Cocaethylene Sample

Crash Sample

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