Prescription Doses 3 X MP3
Prescription Doses 3 X MP3

Price: $16.95
Sale: $8.48

Date Added: 10/16/2014 by Tom Walsh
I LOVE some of these doses! That being said, This pack has some of my favorite (DHM, OXYMORPHONE), a unique and colorful dose (BROMODRAGONFLY) - but, I also think my most disappointed dose is in this pack (PROMETHAZINE). Worth the price to experience the 3 of the 4, (DHM and OXYMORPHONE were EVERYTHING promises, as was BROMO... but that was a new (and pleasant) experience). I only gave it four stars because I felt the Promethazine was weak acting and didn't deliver a good or bad feeling, really no feeling (in my case) BUT BUT BUT - Still worth the price and hopefully others will experience the Promethazine differently than I did. Happy Dosing!!!
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